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By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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Feast days, religious development and enjoyment for Jews have been suppressed as harshly as for arty others . 58. How about Protestant groups? They have been crushed . 59 . What has Communism done against religion outside Russia? It has seized church and synagogue property and killed church leaders wherever and whenever Communism has gained control . Where it has not yet gained the upper hand over the country as a whole, it has tried to corrupt religion from within by setting sect against sect and creed against creed .

Could I give money to the church? Yes, if the Communist system would allow you any ; but then most of it would go for staggeringly high taxes, rent, and other fees charged by the government to discourage church operations . Anything left could go to feed the preacher, who would be little better off than a beggar, anyhow. 12. Who would own the churches? Under Communism, churches and synagogues could no longer own their own property, free, clear, and untouchable, as they do in the United States today .

Do any teachers in our schools actually submit to such a Communist dictatorship? Here again, read what Dr . " 54 . How do they work? By slipping propaganda into classroom work and textbooks and by leading gullible students into Red-sponsored campus activities . 60 55 . What's biting these people, anyhow? Here is at least one part of the answer given by John Hanna, a professor of Columbia University, who was formerly with the Farm Credit Administration and chief analyst with the United States Courts' Administration Office : "The girls' schools and women's colleges contain some of the most loyal disciples of Russia.

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