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Thirteenth Age combines the simplest elements of conventional d20-rolling fable gaming with new story-focused principles, designed so that you can run the type of online game you so much are looking to play along with your workforce. Created by way of Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, thirteenth Age provides all of the instruments you want to make specific characters who're instantly embedded within the surroundings in very important methods; fast arrange adventures in response to the computers’ backgrounds and pursuits; create your individual monsters; struggle intriguing battles; and concentrate on what’s continually been cool and enjoyable approximately myth experience gaming:
• Icon relationships and One special issues supply intriguing storytelling possibilities
• Backgrounds supply an easy, versatile ability approach drawn from characters’ own histories
• Escalation cube permit enjoyable, fast-moving d20 combat.
• Owlbears will rip PC’s limbs off to feed their young.

About thirteenth Age
In the thirteenth Age of the area, adventurers search their fortunes within the Dragon Empire whereas robust members often called Icons pursue objectives which could guard the empire from chaos, or ship it over the edge.
Players make a decision which Icons their characters best friend with, and which of them they oppose. those relationships, in addition to a private heritage and a distinct trait selected in the course of personality production, support outline an adventurer’s position on the earth of thirteenth Age and lay the foundation for epic tales that emerge via play.
There also are enjoyable new ideas for hitting orcs and making them move splat.

“Our objective with thirteenth Age is to recapture the free-wheeling sort of old-school gaming by means of making a video game with extra soul and less technical information. …13th Age makes the play group’s crusade the guts of awareness, with a toolkit of ideas that you should choose and select from in line with the type of video game you must play. The mechanics draw from vintage video games in addition to more recent, story-based games.” – Jonathan Tweet, co-designer

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For example, if Silke has “Traveling Acrobat +2” and “Cat burglar +4,” she could get a +2 bonus to checks to tumble and a +4 bonus to checks to pick a lock. If both backgrounds applied equally to a situation (such as a check to balance in a precarious place), she would use the +4 bonus, not add them together for +6. Skill Check Example Kasarak the half-orc wizard grew up in the wild mountains north of Axis and trained as an assassin in the service of the Three before breaking free of his masters’ hold and making his way into the service of the Emperor.

This is the moment when the story pivots on your possible connection to one of the beings who shape reality. Level, Charisma, a good head-chakra item, none of that helps. Gamemaster Advice: Icons Some GMs work out how all the icons are going to play out in their campaign. These GMs figure out the motivations of each icon, especially the ambiguous ones, and offer guidance when players are choosing icon relationships so that player choices work out well in the scope of the campaign. Other GMs let the players take the first crack at the icons and build out their campaigns to suit what their players have in mind.

O p p o s e d R ol l s ? Other d20-rolling games frequently use opposed d20 rolls that pit skill vs. skill. Our system doesn’t do that much, partly because we’re not tracking skills for our NPCs and monsters. We’d rather use DCs set by the environment the skill check is occurring in than have to figure out accurate backgrounds/ability scores/skill checks for all our creatures. But of course Initiative is sort of an opposed skill check. And if two PCs are competing to see who is the first to do something, or who does it better, by all means, use opposing skill checks and award speed or quality to the character with the better result.

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