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By Jennifer Wick, John Wick, Kevin Wilson, Rob Vaux

This compilation of principles, updates and participant details includes info on each element of seventh Sea.

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The current fashion in Vodacce is to grind up bonestone into a fine powder and add it to a morning drink of wine. Smokestone Blackstone Smokestone gains its name from its color. The stone also has veins of black that coalesce in pools of darkness. As nighttime approaches, smokestone grows darker and colder. At midnight, smokestone is so cold it burns human flesh. Bloodstone During daylight bloodstone is a milky clear color with “veins” of red. As the sun sets, the veins thicken and a “heart’ appears in the center of the stone.

Von Gregor Our first encounter with the beings we refer to ( for lack of a more accurate term, and for reasons I will relate below ) as “Setines” occurred late in the year 1664, shortly after the annual migration of the bocca through Castille and Vodacce along the Great River. In their wake, they had left great patches of upturned soil, which the farmers of both countries worked feverishly to cover before the winter snows arrived. Within the hole left behind by one of these patches, the remains of a single being were found.

It seems incredible that we have recovered anything at all. Still, we continue our efforts in the hopes that we may find some essential piece of the puzzle that will bring everything together for us. One of our greatest discoveries seemed to be a gift from Theus Himself. As one of our teams prepared to enter the sewers at night (so as to better remain unnoticed by the city guard), their torches caught a silver glint in the water. Investigating more closely, they found a small metallic globe. When held in the hand, it pulled the holder in a certain direction.

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