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By Hanne Gram Simonsen, Rolf Theil Endresen

The publication features a collection of papers from the convention The Verb in Cognitive Linguistics, held at Gran, Norway in June, 1998. The papers during this publication are all written inside a cognitive linguistics framework, centred round varied linguistic facets of the verb. the 2 keynote papers (by Richard A. Hudson and Ronald W. Langacker) function an advent to this major subject, supplying a huge standpoint and a normal, theoretical heritage from be aware grammar and cognitive grammar, respectively. the remainder ten papers are extra heavily aiming at addressing morphological, syntactic and semantic facets of the verb, illustrated via a number of languages and learn components, together with, i.a., grownup language processing, language acquisition, connectionist modelling, and typology. A majority of the papers describe diversified facets of Norwegian - a language no longer past investigated at the sort of scale inside of cognitive linguistics. Norwegian bargains invaluable contributions via being heavily regarding English, but differing in convinced vital and engaging methods. additionally, information from a number of different languages are integrated, between others Italian, Russian, and various African languages, delivering a much wider typological variety.

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The network view has several interesting and important consequences, but I shall highlight just a selection. First, knowledge must be declarative, rather than procedures which have an "input" and an "output". We know relationships, not "rules" for "doing" things. For example, we know that a past-tense verb has a suffix after its stem, and that the stem and suffix together comprise the whole of the verb; these are relationships among the concepts "past-tense verb", "its suffix", "its stem" and "its whole" which are diagrammed (using Word Grammar notation) in Figure 1 (see the next page).

When our goal is to find a pronunciation we can move from "past-tense verb" to the pattern "stem+suffix" by following these links in the network, and when our goal is to find a meaning we can move in the opposite direction. This is possible in a network because links may be activated like the links on a circuit board. A widely accepted model in cognitive psychology is spreading activation, whereby activation of one node spreads (as weaker activation) to the nodes to which it is directly attached.

The first sentence establishes the dissertation as the discourse topic. e. interpreted in relation to the dissertation, even though none of them mentions it explicitly. Structurally, the topic nominal is thus external to each of the comment sentences. g. You have to worry about continued financial support). Consider next a sentence-level topic: (26) a. Jack, when I go to see him, he's never home, and he's always complaining that his friends ignore him. b. Jack, he's always complaining. The comment sentence may be complex, as in (26a), in which case a number of propositions are integrated in its dominion.

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