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By John Marincola

This two-volume significant other to Greek and Roman Historiography displays the recent instructions and interpretations that experience arisen within the box of old historiography long ago few decades.

  • Comprises a sequence of innovative articles written by way of known scholars
  • Presents huge, chronological remedies of significant concerns within the writing of heritage and antiquity
  • These are complemented via chapters on person genres and sub-genres from the 5th century B.C.E. to the fourth century C.E.
  • Provides a sequence of interpretative readings at the person historians
  • Contains essays at the neighbouring genres of tragedy, biography, and epic, between others, and their courting to history

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CE Contr. Controversiae Suas. Suasoriae BCE –mid-1st Seneca the Younger, Roman politician and philosopher, 1st c. Ep. Epistulae c. 2007 7:24pm Compositor Name: PAnanthi Ancient Authors: Abbreviations xxxv Serv. Servius, commentator on Vergil, prob. 4th c. Sext. Emp. Sextus Empiricus, Greek writer, 2nd c. Math. SHA Sil. Sozom. Quad. Tyr. Quadrigae Tyrranorum (Firmus, Saturninus, Proculus and Bonosus) Silius Italicus, Latin poet, ca. 26–101 CE Punica (Punic Wars) Sophocles, Athenian tragedian, 5th c.

Acta Antiqua Academia Scientiarum Hungaricae AC L’Antiquite´ Classique AHB Ancient History Bulletin AJAH American Journal of Ancient History AJPh American Journal of Philology ALLG Archiv fu¨r lateinische Lexikographie und Grammatik AncSoc Ancient Society AncW The Ancient World ANRW Aufstieg und Niedergang der ro¨mischen Welt (Berlin, 1972–) APF Archiv fu¨r Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete AR M. Chassignet, L’Annalistique Romaine, 3 vols. 2007 7:24pm Compositor Name: PAnanthi xxxviii Reference Works: Abbreviations CHCL Cambridge History of Classical Literature.

Themistocles Thes. Theseus Ti. Gracch. Tiberius Gracchus Tim. Timoleon Pol. Polybius, Greek historian, ca. 200–118 Polyaen. Polyaenus, Macedonian rhetorician and military writer, 2nd c. praef. praefatio (preface) Procop. Procopius, Greek historian, 6th c. Aed. BCE CE Aedificia (Buildings) Goth. De Bello Gothico Vand. De Bello Vandalico Prop. Propertius, Latin poet, 1st c. Ptol. Ptolemy, Greek geographer, 2nd c. Geog. BCE CE Geography Quint. Quintilian, Roman rhetorician, 1st c. Sall. Sallust, Roman historian, ca.

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