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Lang:- eng Vol-pt 1, Pages 136 it's the copy of the unique variation released lengthy again (). Hardcover with stitching binding with sleek laminated multi-Colour dirt disguise, published on prime quality Paper, professionally processed with no altering its contents.We came upon this publication very important for the readers who need to know approximately our outdated treasure so we introduced it again to the cabinets. Print on call for.

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G. 86 Cf. § ' aidber aithber c. ' fr. *ate-bheroreproach analogically also toibned let him pursue,' fr. *tofennath, O. C. ; ' ; *to-svent-na-to. PHONOLOGY 31 Unvoicing of consonants. § 86. When a voiced (aspirated or unaspirated) consonant comes (a) by syncope next homorganic, unvoiced (aspirated a to or unaspirated) consonant, the result is an unvoiced, unaspirated (§ 84) consonant. 'thou addressest' (fr. O. C. g. adgl&iter trocaire ' ' mercy Aspirated d (fr. E. *treugho-larija). unvoiced and deaspirated (§ 84) before or d (written t) does not exactly of the 0.

As t (see §§ 7, 72, 79, 80, 85). tb On tn immediately followed tl, tn, tr, see § 109. (bb). 93. E. E. in late it ; ' ' /repaid healing word is t(t). g. in the interior of a t-t t(t). st, compounds becomes roth wheel fr. *rotos, Welsh rhod treated like cf. Lat rota. *vrt-bhutai (frith-buith), dat. sg. fr. oifrepaid. ' ' ' place fr. *pot1in\- cf. Skr. ' invaded fr. g. 1 fr. *vrt-to-bherta ; cf. ' frec(c)or c(c), tg becomes cultivation ' fr. c (gg). *vrt-korom (frith-cor). E. ph, bh, th, etc. are not spirants, but stops + voiceless breathing h.

E. *g ivo-tut-s, I (fr. E. e, i) Welsh bywyd. v disappears without leaving trace. g. II ' colour ' fr. *livis, Welsh lliw ; cf. Gaulish Livius. ov and ev appear, h. (a) as oi. g. g. fr. *ovis, Lat. ovls. o. bo *g'ovos, gen. sg. of 6d fr. ' (7) as u. g. as o, e J, before e, %, u as u. ' he went fr. E. ' Cf. rule 4 below. ' do-coid ; pres, ' -mie ' new ' fr. *nevijo-, Welsh newydd ; cf. Lat. novus. A CONCISE OLD IRISH GRAMMAR 44 6ac 'young,' cf. § 111. preparation comes f r. g. 6. g. tobae 'cutting' ' fr.

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