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The instruction of language at school in the Sidaama zone was Amharic until about 1994, when the new government permitted the use of local languages for education; since then, the language of instruction has been Sidaama (Alemu and Tekleselassie 2006). • Markets Markets take place almost every day in different locations. In each location, a market is usually held two days a week. , k’awaado, k’awallanka, deela) is given to each market. At a large market, a wide variety of items including cattle are sold, but at a small market, only limited types of items, especially those for immediate consumption, are sold.

UGANDA Mankush Mankush Dangila Dangila Dangila Dangila Dangila Dangila ! ! ! ! ! ! N. N. Gonder Gonder Gore Gore Gore Gore Gore Gore Bench Bench Maji Maji Kakuma Kakuma ! ! ! ! " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Selti Selti ! ! ! ! Gedeo Gedeo Shashemene Shashemene Shashemene Shashemene Shashemene Shashemene Borena Borena Dirashe Dirashe SW SW Burji Burji SW SW Konso Konso SW SW Amaro Amaro SW SW Gamo Gamo Gofa Gofa Akaki AkakiBeseka Beseka Beseka Akaki ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

00 Warder Warder Burao Burao Burco Burco Burco Burao Burao Burao ! ! ! ! Lawdar Lawdar Lawdar Lawdar Lawdar Lawdar n of A de Aden y yAden " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Belet Belet BeletWeyne Weyne Weyne Weyne Belet Belet Belet Weyne Weyne Korahe Korahe SOMALI SOMALI ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Shaqra Shaqra Shaqra Shaqra Shaqra Shaqra ! ! ! ! ! ! Al Al AlHawtah Hawtah Hawtah Hawtah Al Al Al Hawtah Hawtah YEMEN " " " Al Al Al Bayda Bayda Bayda " " " " " Bayda Al Al Al Bayda Basatine Basatine Ghadir Ghadir Ghadir Ghadir Ghadir Ghadir Lahij Lahij Lahij Lahij Lahij Lahij Yarim Yarim Yarim Yarim Yarim Yarim !

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