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Finite verbal projections introduced by a complementizer are complements. Examples (for genitives and possessives, see (37) above): Adjectives: (39) a. o masă roşie a table red ‘a red table’ b. studiile literare studies-the literary ‘literary studies’ – intensional: (41) o fostă biserică a former church ‘a former church’ Bare NPs: (42) a. 2sg the more good ‘the desire to be the best’ Under the theory known as ‘X-bar theory’, the difference between complements and adjuncts is standardly associated to a structural difference: complements attach immediately to the lexical head, being selected by it.

Despite this difference, the distribution of the two types of pronominal possessors is exactly the same, and is almost identical to the distribution of genitive DPs (the only, very marginal, differences are due to the weak phonological status of possessive pronouns). Because they pattern with genitive DPs, pronominal possessors form a section of the chapter devoted to genitive DPs. As we have already shown, Person features are relevant for personal pronouns. For reasons explained in the relevant chapter, we draw a separation line between Third P ­ erson (­Person 3) and the other persons.

The unmarked value for a feature can also be decided based on agreement resolution rules with coordinated controllers – the value chosen when controllers have different values can be considered to be the unmarked one. Masculine is the form chosen for coordination of animates and feminine for coordination of inanimates. But since gender in the case of animates is interpretable, and masculine is the unmarked value for interpretable gender, we may conclude that feminine represents the unmarked value for gender as a formal feature in the plural (a ‘morphological default’).

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