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Warrongo is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language that was spoken in northeast Australia. This quantity is essentially in keeping with the wealthy facts recorded from the final fluent speaker. It info the phonology, morphology and syntax of the language. particularly, it offers a very scrutinizing description of syntactic ergativity - a phenomenon that's infrequent one of the world's language. It additionally indicates that, not like another Australian languages, Warrongo has noun words which are configurational. total this quantity exhibits what should be documented of a language that has just one speaker.

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This is despite the fact that (a) is contiguous with (b-1). Thus far, we have seen three pieces of evidence that indicate that (b-1) (WGB-G) should be grouped with (b-2) (Biri) and (b-3) (southernMari languages). Now, there is one piece of evidence that suggests that (b-1) should be assigned to (a) (Herbert River Group), and not to Mari subgroup. Evidence 4: Verbal inflectional morphology (b-1) shares at least six verbal inflectional suffixes with (a), to the exclusion of (b-2) and (b-3). They are listed below.

One possible cause for this massive borrowing may be the fact that Warrongo, Jirrbal and Girramay groups had frequent contacts with each other in the pre-contact times (see 1. 2). It is relevant to note in this connection that the word for 'man' in W-GB-G is bama, and not marl. This is despite the fact that they are generally classified as Mari languages. That is, the distribution of the word marl 'man' and the territory of Mari languages do not coextend. ) At least AlfPalmer, and almost certainly all the other W-GB-G speakers, knew the word marl.

South of Agwamin and west of Gugu-Badhun is Wamin. 2) is south ofWamin and west of Gujal. According to Dixon (1991b: 348, 350), west of Jirrbal and north of Warrongo is Ngaygungu, its territory including Atherton but excluding Mount Garnet. West of Ngaygungu and north of Warrongo is Mbabaram, its territory including Irvinebank. West of Mbabaram and northwest of Warrongo is Wagaman, its territory including Almaden and upper reaches of Tate River. South of Wagaman and west ofWarrongo is Agwamin, its territory including Lynnbrook [sic], Mount Surprise, and Einasleigh.

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