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By Alan C. L. Yu

This booklet provides the 1st cross-linguistic examine of the phenomenon of infixation, often linked in English with phrases like "im-bloody-possible", and located in all of the world's significant linguistic households. Infixation is a vital puzzle in prosodic morphology: Professor Yu explores its prosodic, phonological, and morphological features, considers its assorted features, and formulates a basic concept to provide an explanation for the foundations and constraints in which it's ruled. He examines 154 infixation styles from over 100 languages, together with examples from Asia, Europe, Africa, New Guinea, and South the United States. He compares the formal homes of alternative sorts of infix, explores the diversity of diachronic pathways that result in them, and considers the techniques through which they're received in first language studying. A important argument of the publication matters the concept that the typological developments of language might be traced again to its origins and to the mechanisms of language transmission. The publication hence combines the background of infixation with an exploration of the position diachronic and sensible components play in synchronic argumentation: it's an exemplary example of the holistic method of linguistic explanation.Alan Yu's pioneering learn will curiosity phonologists and morphologists of all theoretical persuasions, in addition to typologists and ancient linguists.

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62) Align-by-s-L No syllable stands between the left edge of an aYx and the left edge of a stem (McCarthy 2003b) Align-by-Seg-L Assess a violation when the left edge of an aYx is aligned with or past the Wrst segment of the stem (McCarthy 2003b) Anchoring-OP Assess a violation mark when the left edge of the stem coincides with the left edge of the prosodic word in one paradigm member but not in another. a. F b. c. imkagat> ALIGN-BYSEG-L DEPIO-C ANCHOROP morph: um (L); im (L) ONSET stem: kagat ‘to bite’ ALIGN-BYσ-L Ilokano active voice1 *COMPLEX (63) ** **!

Template Satisfaction Condition: Satisfaction of templatic constraints is obligatory and determined by the principles of prosody, both universal and language-speciWc. Prosodic Circumscription of Domains: The domain to which morphological operations apply may be circumscribed by prosodic criteria as well as by the more familiar morphological ones. , McCarthy and Prince 1993a). For example, on the view of Phonological Subcategorization, the animate actor focus marker, -m-, in Atayal is treated What is inWxation?

The least costly strategy, as it turns out, is to realize both /ag/ and /nag/ as preWxing (64c). a. b. *! ALIGN-BYSEG-L ** *! * c. agkagat, nagkagat> d. DEPIO-C ANCHOROP morph: ag (L); nag (L) ALIGN-BYσ-L stem: kagat ‘to bite’ *COMPLEX Ilokano active voice2 ONSET (64) * *! * This Optimal Paradigm approach to inWxation is appealing since it avoids the necessity of positing parochial alignment constraints that stipulate the preWxing nature of /ag/ and the inWxing distribution of /um/.

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