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By Nicolas Bacaër

<p>As Eugene Wigner under pressure, arithmetic has confirmed unreasonably potent within the actual sciences and their technological purposes. The function of arithmetic within the organic, scientific and social sciences has been even more modest yet has lately grown because of the simulation skill provided through glossy computers.</p>

<p>This booklet lines the historical past of inhabitants dynamics---a theoretical topic heavily hooked up to genetics, ecology, epidemiology and demography---where arithmetic has introduced major insights. It offers an summary of the genesis of numerous very important topics: exponential progress, from Euler and Malthus to the chinese language one-child coverage; the advance of stochastic versions, from Mendel's legislation and the query of extinction of family members names to percolation thought for the unfold of epidemics, and chaotic populations, the place determinism and randomness intertwine.</p>

<p>The reader of this ebook will see, from a distinct standpoint, the issues that scientists face while governments ask for trustworthy predictions to assist keep an eye on epidemics (AIDS, SARS, swine flu), deal with renewable assets (fishing quotas, unfold of genetically changed organisms) or expect demographic evolutions corresponding to aging.</p>

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If there is a probability 1/2 of having no son and a probability 1/2 of having two sons (Fig. 2). e. after eleven or twelve centuries if there are three generations per century2 . Bienaym´e noticed finally that if the mean number of sons is greater than one, the extinction of the family line is not sure: its probability can be computed by solving some algebraic equation. Fig. 2 Artificial example of family tree. The ancestor is at the top of the tree. In each generation, men have a probability 1/2 of having no son and a probability 1/2 of having two sons.

6, 275–288 (1920). org 5. : Sur l’homme et le d´eveloppement de ses facult´es. Bachelier, Paris (1835). fr 6. : Pierre-Franc¸ois Verhulst. Annu. Acad. R. Sci. Lett. -Arts Belg. 16, 97–124 (1850). com 7. : Sciences math´ematiques et physiques au commencement du XIX i`eme si`ecle. Mucquardt, Bruxelles (1867). fr 8. : On the normal rate of growth of an individual and its biochemical significance. Arch. Entwicklungsmechanik Org. 25, 581–614 (1908) 9. : Notice sur la loi que la population poursuit dans son accroissement.

01 is only about 10%. 1 Possible results of the self-fertilization of a hybrid Aa and their probabilities as a function of the factors transmitted by the male gametes (in lines) and by the female gametes (in columns). A a Factor Probability 1/2 1/2 A AA Aa 1/2 1/4 1/4 a Aa aa 1/2 1/4 1/4 Mendel noticed that the proportions AA : Aa : aa, which were 1 : 2 : 1, could also be obtained by the formal computation (A + a)2 = AA + 2 Aa + aa. Since the seeds AA and Aa have the apparent character A while only the seeds aa have the apparent character a, there are indeed three times more seeds with the character A than with the character a.

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