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When it came to teaching, Ida was a tough taskmaster. She sat for hours in her rocker and watched students fumble and muck through work that she could do in minutes. She told me that her toughest job was to hold herself in the rocker and watch. On the last day of an advanced class, Ida was mercilessly berat­ ing one of the students for not going deep enough. She had been telling him for three months that his work was too superficial. The poor guy just could not get the message. I guess Ida thought it was her last chance, and she was really heavy.

Moshe's famous bad knee had been troubling him for days. Some of the better bodyworkers at Esalen had worked on it with­ out success. Moshe told us the story about how the same thing had happened in Tel Aviv years ago. His advanced students back then worked on his knee one after another. " The next day Moshe jumped into the air and slapped his for­ merly painful knee. Of course the amazed class wanted to know how he had done it, and of course, Moshe would not tell them. Some months later after he had been partying, they got the secret out of him.

I became more and more lost in an all-encompassing oneness. Then I completely went away. Nothing existed. I was suddenly brought back by a knocking on my office door. I got up, walked to the door, opened it, embraced the woman who was standing there, and kissed her softly and warmly on the mouth. I told her I would be finished in a few minutes and asked her to wait in the waiting room. I went back into my office, closed the door, sat down on my stool and continued my work on the cli­ ent's neck.

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