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No calculus wanted, yet this isn't an trouble-free booklet. Introduces vectors, algebraic notation and simple principles, vector algebra and scalars. Covers parts of parallelograms, triple items, moments, angular pace, components and vectorial addition, extra concludes with dialogue of tensors. 386 workouts.

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7«)<Λ = (-l)h+h+h+iVWn+ ίΠ·8> νΜη+ν^Μ^) The function If is a function of six numbers grouped in four triads (abc), (ae/), (dbf), and (dec). 4). Each triad contains one index drawn from each of the three columns of variables of W. One triad has all indices taken from the first row, the others consist ot two indices of the second row and the remaining one from the first row. Each index is included in two triads. Permutations of the three triads (aef), (dbf), and (dec) are represented by permutations of the columns of indices of W.

12 Recoupling of Quadruple Products. X Coefficients The coupling schemes of irreducible quadruple products and their recoupling transformations are classified conveniently with reference to the corresponding quintuple products of degree zero. Given the coupling scheme of any quadruple product such as ΟΊ2/34), the corresponding scheme of quintuple product is {(j^hùîb) which may be indicated simply by (j12 jMj5), owing to the associative property of invariant triple products. 3)? , (hthfa). Any quintuple product of degree zero may be described as the triple product of degree zero of two two-set products and of a single set.

For example, one can construct the irreducible product set [[[û(W X b ü e ) ] ü u ) X c°*i)](i») X . . 1) by multiplying first û(jl) and b(ja), taking their irreducible product of degree j 1 2 , multiplying this product and c(js), taking their irreducible product of degree / 123 , etc. until the n factors are exhausted and one has a product set of degree j . This construction is a stepwise reduction of the direct product û(jl) ftO'i) ςθβ) p(j„) 0 f the initial standard sets. (2jn+l) elements, û ^ b ^ c (i3) m3 ...

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