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By Carrie L. Rothgeb

The booklet might be pleasing to disciples of Jung, agreeably provocative to fans of different theoretical persuasions, and worthy to all graduate psychoanalysts as a basic refernce instrument.

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Princeton University Press, 1970. 260 p. (p. 95-106). A theoretical discussion is presented on cryptomnesia (hidden memory) and the distinction between direct and indirect memory, which have the common quality of being individually known, though it is possible to recognize an association as a remembered image. The combined images lack the quality of being known. The word “combined” is used because originality lies only in the combination of psychic elements and not in the material. This association can occur with no assistance from the conscious.

After each ecstatic trance she suffered amnesia, which was replaced gradually by fragmentary memories. In later seances, S described some of her experiences in the spirit world, where she had a special name, Ivenes. As such, she understood and spoke the language of the spirits. She talked of star dwellers and the Martian canal system, and the beings that live on Mars. Ivenes, who spoke as a serious, mature person, in contrast to some of the other personalities, directly controlled S’s semi-somnambulistic state.

1. 2nd. , Princeton University Press, 1970. 260 p. (p. 44-61). Various aspects of somnambulism are discussed in studying the case of a 15-year-old girl. She was absentminded, displayed a variety of moods, was reasonably intelligent but narrow-minded. Her memory was good, but impaired by distractibility. Her frequent misreading demonstrated hysterical dis-tractibility, and she exhibited a pathological dream state; its genesis was spontaneous, and usually regarded as hysterical. In her case, the misreading, psychologically typical of the mechanism of somnambulistic dreams, was a prodromal symptom of later events.

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