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By David Hopkins

This number of essays stories contemporary paintings in Anatolia. Many papers speak about Hittite faith and tradition, together with the 1st English-language dialogue, by means of Peter Neve, of the nice Temple at Hattusa. Others overview paintings at later websites together with Aphrodisias and Sardis.

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The Asmar house is redrawn from Delougaz et al. (1967:pl. 28). concepts described below may have been part of a suite of cultural practices shared between the two regions. Both houses are located off small streets in essentially residential districts of more or less contemporary late third millennium cities. Both thoroughfares were stable throughout the latter part of the EBA (Hill in Delougaz et al. 1967), and both areas were terraced along a moderate slope. Both houses had subfloor drainage systems.

Inventory lists of luxury items bear witness to the extent of moveable and storable wealth in the Hittite Empire. These include silver pyxis, gold and silver necklaces, pins, copper bathtubs, cymbals, and other musical instruments. Garments were lavishly decorated with gold and silver appliqués, gold pendants, and beads. ) hearths are mentioned in Hittite texts. A tub, small figurines, and ornamental jewelry are also mentioned as being made of iron. ” The provenance of various metals is sometimes listed.

The extreme regularity of this alignment argues again for an initial, conscious planning of the neighborhood prior to construction. It would seem that all these domestic units were built as part of a single constructional effort, and, while not necessarily built according to a “master plan,” the house plans followed strong canons of spatial ordering. To summarize, the Outer Town at Titris¸ Höyük exhibits a suprahousehold level of organization in its overall architectural footprint during the late EBA.

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