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Рассказывается, главным образом, о новых методах клинической диагностики. Contents subsequent new release Sequencing: Chemistry, know-how and purposes, through P. Hui software of subsequent new release Sequencing to Molecular analysis of Inherited ailments, by way of W. Zhang, H. Cui, L. -J. C. Wong medical purposes of the newest Molecular Diagnostics in Noninvasive Prenatal prognosis, by way of okay.

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Rn Ion source electrodes exchanger Condenser Scattering Detection Fig. 6. Block diagram of a scattering apparatus.

98. The entrance (upper) channel ELASTIC SCATTERING OF HIGH-ENERGY BEAMS 53 and exit (lower) channel were circular holes reamed with a 60" taper and oriented as in Figures 4a and 4c, respectively. 4. Quantum Scattering The criterion" for the applicability of classical mechanics to scattering is twofold: ( a ) the uncertainty in the momentum must be small with respect to the total momentum, and (b) the uncertainty in the momentum must be small with respect to the change in momentum. Only part (b) need be considered here, for part (a) is usually quite readily met.

Beam intensity vs. applied voltage at constant magnetic field of 260 gauss, for beam consisting of SPSand PO metastable argon. 260 gauss. It is seen that there are indeed two peaks, balancing at about 11 kV and 17 kV. 6 kV. Now, if one assumes that the balance peak at 11 kV is due to the MJ = + 1 state, the ratio a,( +2)/a,( + 1) x 1. However, unless positive identification of the states is achieved, the 11 kV balance peak could instead be attributable to the M , = + 2 state, corresponding to a polarizability ratio a,( +2)/a,( + 1) x 4.

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