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By Liliane Haegeman

Adverbial Clauses, major Clause Phenomena, and Composition of the Left outer edge uses the cartographic thought to check the left outer edge of the English clause and examine it to the left-peripheral constructions of different languages. Liliane Haegeman argues that the multiple floor features of those languages (primarily English and Romance, but additionally Gungbe, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, and others) could be defined via common constraints, and that an analogous buildings follow around the languages. Haegeman specializes in major clause transformations--movement operations that could merely occur in major clauses.

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On your vacation, all the beers you drink you should keep a record of. (based on Culicover 1996: 453, (21c)) b. All the beers you drink, on your vacation, you should keep a record of. 3 Wh-constituent–topic in root clauses If negative inversion and wh-fronting in root clauses require that the auxiliary and the inversion trigger be adjacent, the unacceptability of (41e) and (41g), repeated here as (42a,b), follows. (42) a. *Where the birdseed are you going to put? b. *(I swear that) never again beans will I eat.

Rizzi 1997: 298, (46)) d. Credo che ieri, questo, a Gianni, believe-1sg that yesterday this to Gianni i tuoi amici avrebbero dovuto dirgli. ’ (Rizzi 2001: 287, (5)) e. Beh io francamente questa attività in particolare non me la ricordo. ’ (Frascarelli 2007: 701, note 18, (i)) The following Spanish data ( Jiménez-Fernández 2009: 27, (35a) and (37)) are analogous to the Italian data in (25a–d): (25) e. María las manzanas las compró ayer, no Pedro. ’ f. Libros a Juan no le voy a dar, sino revistas.

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