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By E R Hooton

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801,807,880, a nd ssS ~u:ldrom beg:m 10 work-up \\uh Ih,' first Seafire i\ lk\ III a nd li e. 1Tked in IhL' carrier Furiou~ , and SS5 in Ihe Formidable. Of the thrL'C ~uadrons, 807 had Ihe mOSI ,ucee» m elKUUl1la, with the Vich), F rench Air Furce. Du rinJl Ihe fir, 1 h:ll f of 19"'3 more squadro ns r... eq ui p ped wi lh the M k. ' Sea tire$ of Formidable nnd I ll dom il~blc provid ed nir ~o\'cr for the I:t ndi "g~ Oil Sicil)'. ,·r, l'ormicl:t hle \\,:I ~ join~d br Iflu\lriou s (replacing i ndotllll :l bk), lh,' nc\\'ly-commi~~ iuned U n korn .

C. 'i). Seaf"e IIC ot No. 885 Squadron. "' 6_B luSI I~avrnll 1M caiapuI1 On HMS 'Fuflous' (0 R Wheeler VIa D. J Brawn ) Seat"e ItC. No. bout 10 Icave Ihe deo;k 01 HMS "Fullous'. (C. H. Wood vIa R. C. Jones). UI 01 tile F,ghter T",n" Scllool Yeo .... lton. Code Y-98 in yellow. L Hunt v,. M Gllben). hre UII. No. 807 SQuldron. T"nt:Ornllee. Ceylon. 1945 (G. J . ,,,,,,, H''lIH (;"0<1 rlos,· UP s l'OWII '!! 1no d. on 0"01 N;)l tOI',IIO r IN' CI' ), - .... wn,. , 10! '. Nil '''' ~I$O IMe 'od,o cal l "un I~I I C" VG IIAII ~"d ' IS p!

Nelher lands East Indies. RUSSian and Finnish All Forces. The CUrtiSS P- 40 Wa rhawk Will be covered In a fUlUre Issue. No. 7 Curtiss P-40 Warhawk In USAAF. French and Foreign service. Ihe com· panlon volume 10 Alrcam No 6. Nor th American P- 51 D Mustang . In USAAF-USAF service. 8 Supermari ne Spitfire-G riffon No. 9 Spad Scouts Republic P-47 Thunder bolt. No. 10 Lockheed P- 38 Lightnin g In USAAF-USAF. RAF ; Free French; French Au Force. Mexican. BraZlhan and other All FOIces. No. 11 Eng in e Con so lidated B- 24 Lib erat o r No.

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