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The critical rationalism of the Frankfurt School [53] has itself a significant role to play in systems theory, one which many of us have come to realize implicitly through our own studies in particular areas. For example, the contrast between a society in which one tries to enforce policies by the manipulation of behaviour, stimulus-response and reward-punishment networks, and a society in which one generates the same behaviour by presenting the logic of the situation to its members in such a way that they act in the required manner of their own volition, has always been clearly in the experiments and writings of Gordon Pask [54].

G. A. Mi11er and P. N. Johnson-Laird, Language and Perception, Cambridge University Press, 1976. J. A. , 1976. E. H. Short1iffe, Computer-Based Medica1 Consu1tations: MYCIN, Elsevier, New York, 1976. K. Bou1ding, "General Systems as a Point of View," In Ref. 7, 1964, 25-38. W. Wymore, Systems Engineering Methodo1ogy for Interdiscip1inary Teams, John Wi1ey, New York, 1976. B. P. Zeig1er, Theory of Mode11ing and Simulation, John Wi1ey, New York, 1976. LIi'lKAGE PROPOSITIONS BETWEEN FIFTY PRINCIPAL SYSTEMS CONCEPTS L.

4 Association Classes of Linkage Propositions Although each linkage proposition is completely unique to its coupling of two or more principal systems concepts, the semantics used to describe each specific coupling sometimes falls into one of several discrete classes. Groups of linkage propositions use the same action verb forms or prepositional phrases to describe the coupling.

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