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G. Gray, / & II Kings, pp. 201-202. 3. M. Greenberg, 'Exodus, Book of, EncJud VI, p. 1056. 4. 'Ideology, History and Theology in 2 Kings XVII 7-23', VT 39 (1989), pp. 268-82. 5. See above, p. 19 n. 3. 1 It is certainly easy to add a section to a prayer, just as it is easy to add some new sins to a catalogue of sins, as in 2 Kings 17. Although I feel that it is impossible to assign dates and sigla to the various redactions of this chapter and other central chapters such as 2 Kings 17, this probably has little bearing on the average Dtr text in Kings.

Cf. G. Marcus, Piety and Society: The Jewish Pietists of Medieval Germany (Leiden, 1981), pp. 11 Off. 2. See Habermann, p. 75 (end of h'rst paragraph); and cf. also p. 80 (3 lines from end of first paragraph, and at end of second paragraph). COHEN Hebrew Crusade Chronicles 41 characteristics are of particular significance in identifying the liturgical threads of the other two chronicles. 1 This is not history, not even hagiography; it is a lapse into liturgical frenzy. As we shall have occasion to note later on, such phrases as 'the Holy One of seventy-two names' are not mere inflated rhetoric; they stem from the marrow of Ashkenazic liturgical orientation.

The soldiers played a ceremonial role and were not needed to protect the family once it crossed the border into Canaan (Gen. 7, 9). Therefore, it 1. Z. A. Loewenstam, 'Goren', EncBib, II, cols. 55960 (Hebrew). 2. See S. Ahitub, The Egyptian Topographical Lists Relating to the History of Palestine in the Biblical Period' (dissertation, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1979), pp. 95-96. Note the use of the term a pseudonym for Egypt in y. 11). 3. R. de Vaux's adoption of this strange route for the funeral leads him to suggest an 'aberrant transjordanian tradition' regarding Jacob's burial.

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