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By John Clerk Eldin

The 18th century used to be a wealth of information, exploration and quickly growing to be expertise and increasing record-keeping made attainable via advances within the printing press. In its selection to maintain the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its personal: digitization of epic proportions to maintain those important works within the greatest archive of its type. Now for the 1st time those top of the range electronic copies of unique 18th century manuscripts are available print, making them hugely available to libraries, undergraduate scholars, and self sufficient scholars.
Medical thought and perform of the 1700s constructed quickly, as is evidenced through the wide assortment, such as descriptions of illnesses, their stipulations, and coverings. Books on technology and expertise, agriculture, army expertise, ordinary philosophy, even cookbooks, are all contained here.
The lower than facts was once compiled from numerous identity fields within the bibliographic list of this identify. this information is supplied as an extra device in supporting to insure variation identification:
British Library


A privately revealed textual content of the 1st a part of Clerk's 'Essay on naval tactics'.

[Edinburgh, 1782]. [2],62p.,plates ; four°

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