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In some instances, the very nature of the data protects against many selection and testing biases. " Such measures may be used as primary or secondary dependent variables. In other cases, however, direct measurement of affected subjects is necessary and care must be taken to insure that the sample is representative of the population from which it was selected and to which the study's findings are to be generalized. Ideally, experimental and control groups will be randomly formed and the prevention and/or enhancement-related hypotheses will be examined directly.

Statistical Power Unfortunately, far too many field projects are designed in such a way that anticipated outcomes can never be attained.

As feelings of helplessness and hopelessness diminish, so too does the perspective that these social problems are immutable. Utopian or realistic? Carried to their logical extremes, the objectives of preventive interventions would result in a world very similar to Okayland. Such a conclusion is, however, based upon the assumption that a "breakthrough" is possible and that viable effective preventive interventions can be designed and implemented. Thus far, discussion and implementation of strategies that are labeled as preventive have surpassed efforts to demonstrate empirically their actual preventive impact.

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