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Remnants of a while Past

The Blood is not stagnant. It adjustments with the days, no matter if the Kindred that hold it do not. each epoch ends up in new diversifications of the 5 clans. a few of them die out once they are not any longer valuable, yet others stick with it, even to the trendy nights. a few were forgotten. a few are able to reclaim what they've got misplaced. All preserve items of the cultures and occasions that created them.

Weapons for the Present

Twenty new bloodlines, in line with the ancient flashpoints offered in historic Mysteries
New Disciplines, Devotions, factions, antagonists, mysterious areas and a number of different ideas of Vampire chronicles
Two new sorts of blood magic - Haitian Kindred Vodoun and Sumerian Mérges Sorcery

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Once, they were monsters kept to the furthest-flung fringes, and all they needed to do was hunt. More fiend than common beast, they stalked the lands they called their own, the Land of the Worms — and any animal, human or vampire that would dare to wander into their domain was quick to become prey. They’d consume the blood and use the rest for leather, or build weapons from the bones, drums from the skulls, or blankets from the hair. Should other Kindred enter the Land of the Worms, they’d first measure them at a distance.

The Land of the Worms is not a single location, despite its name. However, certainly some vampires believe that all territories given over to this bleak and blasted condition are somehow connected spiritually, and perhaps even physically. Life may grow there, but it isn’t healthy. Leaves are curled and spotted, branches gnarled, and the wildlife limps about or suffers from strange tumors and other uncategorized diseases. ) The sky is typically gray. The sun rarely shines. It rains often enough — a greasy, sometimes sulfuroussmelling downpour.

E. Land of the Worms), and in each can be found a door or a gateway marked with odd sigils. These doorways will take a vampire to another dead place, maybe dozens or even hundreds of miles away. In other words, they’ve found the truth of the matter, that all the dead zones are connected into one big-yet-broken Land of the Worms. Of course, exploiting these mystical gateways is no easy task… but the nomads don’t really make that part clear. • The news hits Elysium: next month will be an auction, and the journals of Victor Blackcloud (above, under “Theories”) will be put up for bid.

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