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A Guide to Ancient Greek Drama

This Blackwell consultant introduces old Greek drama, which flourished largely in Athens from the 6th century BC to the 3rd century BC.
• A broad-ranging and systematically organised advent to old Greek drama.
• Discusses all 3 genres of Greek drama – tragedy, comedy, and satyr play.
• offers overviews of the 5 surviving playwrights – Aeschylus, Sophokles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Menander, and short entries on misplaced playwrights.
• Covers contextual concerns corresponding to: the origins of dramatic artwork kinds; the conventions of the gala's and the theatre; the connection among drama and the worship of Dionysos; the political size; and the way to learn and watch Greek drama.
• comprises forty six one-page synopses of every of the surviving plays.

Archaeology, Society and Identity in Modern Japan

This daring and illuminating examine examines the position of archaeology within the formation of the trendy jap state and explores the tactics in which archaeological perform is formed through nationwide social and highbrow discourse. top jap archaeologist Koji Mizoguchi argues that an figuring out of the prior has been a principal part within the production of nationwide identities and glossy country states and that, considering that its emergence as a special educational self-discipline within the sleek period, archaeology has performed an incredible position in shaping that figuring out.

Vandals, Romans and Berbers: New Perspectives on Late Antique North Africa

The delivery, progress and decline of the Vandal and Berber Kingdoms in North Africa have usually been forgotten in stories of the overdue Roman and post-Roman West. even though fresh archaeological task has alleviated this example, the large and disparate physique of written proof from the area is still relatively ignored.

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Men and women typically each had their own jobs. Men worked the soil with hoes and wooden spades. They tilled the fields, hunted, and fished. indd 41 11/5/14 4:20 PM time cooking, making wine, raising silkworms for silk production, and weaving. In agricultural Chinese The Importance of Tea society, an oxcart was the most common mode of Tea came to China, probably from Burma, no later than the early first century CE. It was cultivated and prized in China. The ancient Chinese thought tea detoxified the body and gave the drinker energy.

2 Craftsmen printed the cards using A modern painting shows ancient Chinese men playing soccer during the Song dynasty. indd 45 11/5/14 4:20 PM wood-cut blocks and then colored them by hand, sometimes with characters from novels. The Chinese invented the Kongzhu, or yo-yo, more than 1,000 years ago. The yo-yos were made of bamboo attached to a string. Skilled Kongzhu players could make the yo-yo do more than 1,000 tricks. CHINESE CALENDAR Although the ancient Chinese invented many modern pastimes, daily life for many people revolved around farming.

Indd 43 11/5/14 4:20 PM reached the knees. The style depended on the person’s place in society. Some wore tunics with pants, whereas others wore floor-length robes. The wealthier a person was, the fancier his or her clothing. Most common people wore clothing made of cotton or hemp. Only the wealthy could afford silk clothing. The ancient Chinese dyed clothing with four colors—red, blue, yellow, and green. PASTIMES Fun was also an important part of daily life in ancient China, particularly for the wealthy.

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