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By Miriam Lichtheim

Chronologically prepared translations of historic Egyptian writings shed gentle upon the advance of various literary varieties. Bibliogs.

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Furthe .. more, she wants it correctly understood that each obelisk consists of a single monolith of granite, and that their gilding had required inordinate amounts of the finest gold. Lastly, there is the theme of her right to the thmne, an ever preselll. ('oncern in her inscriptions: her father Amun had destined her to he king. Masculine and feminine designations of her person alternate in her pronouncements: she is the ~on and the daughter of Amun. Publication: LD, Ill, 22-24. Vrk. IV, 356-369.

1 'here are two (other) roads here, One of the roads is [to our eastJ and [comes outl at Taanach. The other ison the (35) north side of Djefti. so that we [orne out to the north of Megiddo. May our valiant lord pnx:eed on whichever of [these 1seems best to him. " Then messages ------. which they had said before. he palace: "I swear, (40) asRe loves me, as my father Amun favors me, as my nostrils are refreshed with life and dominion, Illy majesty shall proceed 011 this Aruna road! Let him of YOll who wishes go on those roads you spoke of.

11 Ihe l'lst of the lead-troops had come out from this road, the shadow turned: His majesty arrived at the south ofMegiddo, on the shore of the Qina hrook, when the seventh hOlll' was in (its) course of day. iS told: "Prepare yourselves! Make your weapons ready! " Resting in the royal camp. Giving provisions to the officers, rations to the attendants. Posting the watch of the arllly: saying to them: "Steadfast, steadfast! Vigilant. " Awakening in life in the royal tent. ht~ nor! " Th" hflttlf Year 23, first month of summer.

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