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By Rosalie F. Baker

The final word who is who of old Egypt, Ancient Egyptians is an interesting examine the traditional international via its vital leaders. incorporated are biographies of: * The great Imhotep, who set the traditional for pyramid-building * Nefertiti, the popular attractiveness * Khufu, the builder of the nice Pyramid * Hatshepsut, a girl pharaoh who defied culture and known as herself ''king'' * Tutankhamun, whose tomb unveiled wonderful riches * Rameses the good, the final majestic king of historical Egypt * Ptahhotep, the good philosopher and statesman for King Izezi Ancient Egyptians unearths how Egyptian society used to be developed, its religions, burial rituals, structure, and the historical past and practices of archaeology that experience introduced all this knowledge to mild.

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What he could not foresee were the robbers who, within centuries, would desecrate both his tomb and his body. To him, the three granite stones that workers would use to plug the entrances after his burial seemed sufficient to deter any thief. Each was five feet long and weighed approximately seven tons. D. Khufu, however, would be relieved to know that one of his statues survived. According to Egyptian belief, a person's ka needed a home to continue existing in the afterlife. For this reason, the Egyptians had adopted the practice of placing statues of the dead in their tombs.

Leader of the caravan. I have understood the words of this letter which you made to the king in his chamber to inform him that you have returned in peace from Yam, together with the soldiers who were with you.. . You say in your let- I gave bread to the hungry, clothing to the naked, and one who had no boat, 1 ferried across the river. —Inscription on the facade of Harkhuf 's tomb ter that you have brought back a pygmy who can dance the dance of the god. Pepi, it seems, could barely contain his excitement.

Weni also wanted the traditional phrases incorporated into the text, phrases that reflected the admiration and respect Pepi had for his deeds and his person. " Weni proved his loyalty to Pepi when a scandal threatened to disrupt palace life. Because the case concerned a royal wife who was involved either in a conspiracy or some other treasonous act, it had to be handled carefully and secretly. Many Egyptologists believe this wife most likely conspired with a prince or other member of the royal family against the king.

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