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Is either borrowed from Nam or is a casual survival from an older stage in the Tibetan itself. E. Pronouns Here there is little divergence from normal Tibetan; for T na, and the perhaps more adversative kho-bo, 'I myself (IA 117, B 42—3), both occur: the self-depreciatory nan-bu (IB 57, 74), 'bad child', corresponds to the epistolary bdag-nan-pa of the Documents; khyod, 'thou', khyed, 'ye'. Khon and khon-ta, 'he', seem not to occur. Of the Demonstratives de, hdi, 'that', 'this', present nothing abnormal, except for an idiomatic use of hdi, in common with da, 'that', 'there', as quasi-Suffixes in phrases like Mchinrgyal-hdi, 'Mchin king here', Hbon-da-rgyal, 'Hbon there king' (cf.

J. R. A. S. 1910, p. 1281, 1. 39, 1911, p. 421, 1. 62). , Ill 28—9 sna-ma-si-bahi-mams, 'those who die before', sgo-lhahi-rnams (III 29), 'private divinities'. cag, chag, with pronouns: III 28 bdag-chag, 'we', VI 82 kliyed-cag. In bu-tsha III 36, V 30, a more original ca survives. More noticeable is the form -o-cog, giving the sense of plurality or 'all', which occurs in the Documents and in the Mss. is favoured: examples — IB 54—5, 63 Nam-ti-go-cog, 'all Nam-tig people', III 2 hgren-myi-ho-cog, 'all men', 41 srin-no-chog, 'all fiends', lha-ho-chog, 'all gods', IV 26 ci-bya-ho-chog, 'everything that has to be done'.

Thus phojmo, 'male'/'female', is a particular application of 'upper'/'lower'. If after all the ultimate original sense of phajma was 'father', 'mother', that origin will have lain far back in the pre-historic period. The other uses of the phojbojmo forms may likewise be regarded as preferential substitutes for phajba/ma forms without exclusive reference to sex. The phojbojmo are used in most of the cases exemplified supra in regard to phajbafma: we find them — Linguistic Introduction: Morphology (a) as attached to Verb-roots: 1.

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