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By Riva Berleant-Schiller, Susan Lowes, Milton Benjamin

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He also contributes frequently to Journal of the American Society for Information Science, The Indexer and other professional journals. Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. is Professor of History at Tulane University, New Orleans. He is the author of Central America, a Nation Divided, 2nd ed. (1985), as well as several monographs and more than seventy scholarly articles on modern Latin America. He has also compiled volumes in the World Bibliographical Series on Belize (1980), El Salvador (1988), Guatemala (Rev.

Frances Chambers 40 Sudan, Rev. , M. W. Daly Page vi 41 Vatican City State, Michael J. , C. H. Bleaney 43 United Arab Emirates, Frank A. Clements 44 Nicaragua, Rev. , Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. 45 Jamaica, K. E. , I. Kepars 47 Morocco, Rev. , Anne M. Findlay and Allan M. Findlay 48 Mexico, Rev. , George Philip 49 Bahrain, P. T. H. Unwin 50 The Yemens, G. Rex Smith 51 Zambia, Anne M. Bliss and J. A. Rigg 52 Puerto Rico, Elena E. Cevallos 53 Namibia, Stanley Schoeman and Elna Schoeman 54 Tanzania, Colin Darch 55 Jordan, Ian J.

Mills 174 St. Kitts-Nevis, Verna Penn Moll 175 Martinique, Janet Crane 176 Zaire, Dawn Bastian Williams, Robert W. Lesh and Andrea L. Stamm 177 Chad, George Joffé and Valérie Day-Viaud 178 Togo, Samuel Decalo 179 Ethiopia, Stuart Munro-Hay and Richard Pankhurst 180 Punjab, Darshan Singh Tatla and Ian Talbot 181 Eritrea, Randall Fegley 182 Antigua and Barbuda, Riva Berleant-Schiller and Susan Lowes with Milton Benjamin Page ix Contents INTRODUCTION xiii THE COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE 1 Antigua 1 Barbuda 2 TRAVEL GUIDES AND TRAVELLERS' ACCOUNTS 4 Contemporary guides and accounts 4 Historical guides and accounts 9 GEOGRAPHY 17 General 17 Barbuda 19 Maps 20 Antigua 20 Barbuda 22 GEOLOGY AND NATURAL HAZARDS 24 General 24 Antigua 27 Barbuda 29 Natural hazards 31 General 31 Antigua 32 FLORA AND FAUNA 33 Flora 33 General 33 Antigua 35 Barbuda 37 Fauna 37 Land and sea invertebrates 37 Reptiles, amphibians and fish 44 Mammals and birds 48 Page x PREHISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY 55 General 55 Antigua 57 Barbuda 61 HISTORY 64 General 64 Early colonial period to 1710 67 General 67 Antigua 68 Barbuda 69 Slavery and emancipation (1711-1834) 69 General 69 Antigua 72 Barbuda 78 Post-emancipation (1835-1980) 80 General 80 Antigua 81 Barbuda 86 POPULATION 87 General 87 Antigua 88 LANGUAGE 90 General 90 Antigua 91 Barbuda 92 RELIGION 93 General 93 Antigua 94 SOCIAL ORGANIZATION 96 General 96 Antigua 97 Barbuda 98 Gender 99 General 99 Antigua 100 Barbuda 101 Class and colour 102 Antigua 102 Page xi HEALTH AND WELFARE 104 General 104 Antigua 105 Barbuda 107 POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT 108 General 108 Antigua 112 LAW AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT 119 Law 119 Constitutional development 122 Probems of independence and joint statehood: Barbuda 123 ECONOMY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 127 General 127 Antigua 131 Tourism 133 AGRICULTURE, FISHING AND FORESTRY 138 Commodities: sugar and cotton 138 General 138 Antigua 139 Farming 142 General 142 Antigua 144 Barbuda 146 Livestock, fishing and forestry 146 General 146 Antigua 147 Barbuda 148 Land tenure, land use and soils 151 General 151 Antigua 152 Barbuda 152 LABOUR AND THE LABOUR MOVEMENT 154 General 154 Antigua 155 ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION 157 General 157 Antigua 158 Barbuda 159 Page xii EDUCATION 160 Antigua 160 LITERATURE AND FOLKLORE 163 Antigua 163 Barbuda 167 CULTURE, THE ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE 168 General 168 Culture and the arts 169 Architecture 170 SPORT 172 General 172 Antigua 173 NEWSPAPERS, PERIODICALS AND THE PRESS 174 General 174 Newspapers 175 General 175 Antigua 176 Barbuda 177 Periodicals 178 General 178 Antigua 181 REFERENCE SOURCES 182 General 182 Databases 184 INDEX OF AUTHORS 187 INDEX OF TITLES 193 INDEX OF SUBJECTS 205 MAP OF ANTIGUA 212 MAP OF BARBUDA 213 Page xiii Introduction Two islands and a region Island groups share common features, yet all islands are unique.

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