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By Tina Pippin

Apocalyptic Bodies lines the biblical notions of the tip of the area as represented in historical and smooth texts, paintings, track and pop culture, for instance the work of Bosch. Tina Pippin addresses the query of ways a ways we, within the past due 20th century, are in a position to studying and responding to the 'signs of the times'. it's going to allure not just to these learning faith, but additionally to these fascinated by interpretations of the tip of the area.

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Re-vamped Recent biblical scholarship reveals the ambiguity of the character Jezebel and the religious/political rather than sexual intention of her painted face in the murder scene. But the term “jezebel” has distinct social meaning that is biblical (in Hosea; Ezekiel 16; the “strange woman” of Proverbs; the false prophetess of Apocalypse 2). Whoring and fornication are associated with strange religion and strange culture. 8 The jezebel schemes with both her mind and body. She has “been around” —in/from foreign territory (Tyre; Africa), and she brings danger with her.

Have we become co-conspirators with God, enabling global disasters and mass genocide? ” Once at a teaching workshop I was asked by someone from the northern United States if I forced my students to speak in my accent. ” But the chill of the learned, moderate shame over my southern accent crept in even as I laughed at the joke, stifling any reply. In the librar y exhibit of Flanner y O’Connor at Milledgeville College there is a videotape of a television interview with O’Connor in the 1950s. My immediate reaction upon hearing her speaking voice for the first time was of shock; she sounded just like my aunt from Georgia.

The white masters created these images to control and dominate the female slave. The mammy represents the desire for a positive image for African Americans. The jezebel was an excuse—of masters 34 JEZEBEL REVAMPED to justify their own adolescent and later adulterous behavior. White women blamed the jezebels in order to deny the rape and oppression of slave women. The jezebel acted out of the constraints of race and gender. The cultural “Africanisms” —of women having children before marriage and of exposing more of their bodies in the field as they worked—were misunderstood by whites.

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