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Applicatives is anxious with the syntax of buildings that include arguments that go beyond the conventional subject-object characterization, and the way the syntax of such structures yields the interpretive results that past study has pointed out. on the empirical point this quantity treatments the inadequacies and boundaries of earlier bills via featuring a extra nuanced view of the entire elements that input into the syntax and semantics of applicatives. on the theoretical point, this ebook bargains empirical arguments for varied theoretical thoughts at the moment entertained within the minimalist application, between which move into theta-position, a number of agree, anti-locality, and a truly derivational view on successive cyclic stream.

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But the English ditransitive structure is semantically/thematically richer. ’ This is the thematic relation that Pietroski (2003:201) focuses on. He captures the latter by assuming that DO is generated in the specifier of an intermediate Larsonian VP-shell, whose head indicates transfer, and the lower shell expresses the Goal relation and contains IO. Although Pietroski’s semantic characterization is, I think, correct, it requires that DO start off higher than IO, in a position that we have characterized above as a high applicative.

Languages in which all arguments satisfy their case requirements, but nevertheless do not license Themepassivization. I will return below and even more so in chapter 2 to this extremely rigid, exclusively phrase-structural/locality-based view on variation in the domain of applicatives. 7 Problems for the consensus In this section I point out several problems that arise in the context of purely locality-based accounts advocated by Anagnostopoulou (2003), Ura (1996), and McGinnis (2001, 2004). I pay special attention to McGinnis (2001, 2004) here as her attempt strikes me as the most promising and potentially most explanatory among the analyses forming the consensus discussed above.

So, we face a syntax-semantics mismatch, or Phrase Structure paradox PRELIMINARIES 29 – a “constituency conflict”, as McGinnis calls it. Constituency conflicts of this sort pose a serious problem for any approach equating syntactic structure and semantic/thematic relations. In addition to these syntactic problems for the consensus, I would like to mention the fact that the semantic characterization of applicatives that McGinnis relies on, viz. Pylkkänen (2002), appears to be incomplete. Here is what I mean.

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