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By Isabel Suárez-Ruiz and John C. Crelling (Eds.)

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, Pages xiii-xiv, John C. Crelling, Joan S. Esterle, Robert B. Finkelman, Stephen F. Greb, Gareth D. Mitchell, Jack C. Pashin, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Nicola J. Wagner, Colin R. Ward, M. Coertzen, R.H. Matjie, J.C. van Dyk

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, Pages xvii-xviii
Chapter 1 - creation to utilized Coal Petrology

, Pages 1-18, Colin R. Ward, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz
Chapter 2 - uncomplicated elements Controlling Coal caliber and Technological habit of Coal

, Pages 19-59, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Colin R. Ward
Chapter three - Mining and Beneficiation

, Pages 61-83, Joan S. Esterle
Chapter four - Coal Combustion

, Pages 85-117, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Colin R. Ward
Chapter five - Coal Gasification

, Pages 119-144, Nicola J. Wagner, M. Coertzen, R.H. Matjie, J.C. van Dyk
Chapter 6 - Direct Coal Liquefaction

, Pages 145-171, Gareth D. Mitchell
Chapter 7 - Coal Carbonization

, Pages 173-192, John C. Crelling
Chapter eight - Coal-Derived Carbon Materials

, Pages 193-225, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, John C. Crelling
Chapter nine - Coal as a petrol resource Rock and Reservoir Rock

, Pages 227-262, Jack C. Pashin
Chapter 10 - Environmental and wellbeing and fitness Impacts

, Pages 263-287, Robert B. Finkelman, Stephen F. Greb
Chapter eleven - different functions of Coal Petrology

, Pages 289-301, John C. Crelling, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz

, Pages 303-380

, Pages 381-388

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Hower, D. N. Taulbee, S. M. Rimmer, and L. G. ) The first two forms, sometimes described as nonmineral inorganics, are typically most abundant in the mineral matter of lower rank coals (Kiss and King, 1977, 1979; Given and Spackman, 1978; Benson and Holm, 1985; Miller and Given, 1986; Given and Miller, 1987a,b; and Ward, 1991, 1992). , 2007), the nonmineral inorganics usually disappear from the coal with an increase in rank. , 2001). Coals produced from mines may also contain minerals derived from intra-seam noncoal bands or admixed roof or floor strata.

1e) during the coalification process (ICCP, 2001). Inertinite macerals exhibit a high degree of aromatization and condensation and are made up of structures that are mainly of an aromatic character with a high level of cross-linking. They have the highest carbon and lowest oxygen and hydrogen contents of the maceral groups (van Krevelen, 1993). The components of this group are more inert (less reactive in carbonization) than the macerals of the other groups. Their color in reflected white light is grey or greyish white to yellowish.

Selective leaching with water, ammonium acetate, and hydrochloric acid may be used to determine the abundance and mode of occurrence of the principal nonmineral inorganic elements in lower rank coals (Miller and Given, 1986; Benson and Holm, 1985; and Ward, 1991, 1992). 5 shows the percentage of various elements released by each process in a sequential leaching study. 5. Percentage of selected elements leached from a low rank coal by sequential treatment with water, ammonium acetate, and hydrochloric acid.

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