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By S. Coleman Charlton, Kurt H. Fischer, Jeff Yette

Positioned speedy and livid strive against into your experience! fingers legislation gives you fable and medieval melee and missile assaults with realistic-plus effects. easy to exploit, you are going to puncture, scale back, or weigh down your foes with convincing fatality!Arms legislations expands the strive against process from Rolemaster delusion position taking part in to its complete breadth.Attacks from dozens of guns are all dealt with in a different way in order that each one weapon has a distinct think and taste. an analogous is correct for animal assaults and different antagonistic maneuvers like falling, brawling, and martial's no longer the bruises that kill! serious harm is what wastes your enemies! hands legislation provides a dozen different types of severe moves -- defined in bright element -- that let you graphically describe the brutality to strive against!

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6H – π – (-5) – (+10) Catch foe in mid-swing and disarm him. His weapon tumbles behind you. Strike to foe's right achilles tendon. Oh that hurts ya know! +10H – ∑∏ +5H – ∑ – (-10) +6H – π – (-5) +10H – 2∑∏ – (-10) +10H – (-10) Blow to foe's ribs. It hurts him to raise his arms. Foe cannot lean over. Strike grazes across left thigh and lands on right. It lands solid. +6H – ∑ – (+5) Blow to upper leg. Minor fracture. You have initiative. Catch foe in shoulder blade. Foe drops his guard and reels from your blow.

Destructive strike to lower leg. If foe has Excellent blow to lower leg slashes leg armor, it is torn free. muscles and cartilage. Foe falls prone. +3H – 2∑∏ – (-40) Strike to shield side. If foe has shield, your weapon is stuck in it for a round. +3H – 2∑ – 3∫ – (-25) 81-85 2∑∏ – (-90) Strike to foe's neck. It's not enough for a Strike along foe's neck. Foe is frantic to kill. evade death. 67-70 +3H – 2∑ – 3∫ – (-10) Strike shatters foe's knee. Foe crumbles Strike to head kills foe, if he has no Strike through both of foe's lungs.

You tear his pretty clothes. Deep wound in foe's side. Well, it looked like a killing blow. 6∑ – 5∫ – (+20) 86-90 Catch foe in the back. He drops his guard and stumbles foward. 2∑∏ – 2∫ – (-20) 96-99 Strike to nose. There is a permanent scar. Foe's eyes are crossed for a moment. 3∑∏ – 3∫ 100 +12H – 6∑ – 3∫ — +9H — — all allies get +10 for 1 round +10H - 3∑∏ Strike to foe's back severs a vein. Foe goes to his knees and dies in 12 rounds. — Strike through foe's side spills his guts Your weapon passes through the arm on the floor.

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