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By Brian Campbell, Stephen Michael Dipesa, Conrad Hubbard, Sam Inabinet, Kathleen Ryan, Malcolm Sheppar

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In any case, Denny had grown up reading Captain Marvel comics and would speak extensively on the subject. Then came the Friday night in the early ’70s when he swore us all to secrecy and gave us the news - DC, that’s right, DC was going to bring back Captain Marvel and company, with Denny being given the opportunity to work with CC Beck himself. This was, I gather, a mixed blessing at best. The bottom line, however, remained the same: Marvel Comics wound up with the name and DC wound up with the character.

This was pure opinion and game theory and I loved writing that column, which I consider some of my best work in the field. com. I decided to go with my old column title, “The Kunkel Report” and began summoning up memories of my past in gaming. Those columns are really the genesis of this book (and several of the chapters in this book are, in fact, edited versions of those same pieces). So in the end, I guess it’s all worked out. 29 Bill Kunkel Who’s the old school guitarist in the grainy old picture?

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