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By Mohd. Kamaruddin Abd. Hamid

Aspen HYSYS: An creation to Chemical Engineering Simulations is meant for college kids who're utilizing Aspen HYSYS for the 1st time and feature very little event in laptop simulation. it may be used as a textbook in newbies chemical engineering classes, or workshops the place Aspen HYSYS is being taught. The publication may also function a reference in additional complex chemical engineering classes while Aspen HYSYS is used as a device for simulation and fixing difficulties. It may also be used for self research of Aspen HYSYS through scholars and training engineers. furthermore, the publication could be a complement or a secondary publication in classes the place Aspen HYSYS is used, however the teacher doesn't have time to hide it greatly.

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Figure 2-7 2. Next, click Insert button then Variable Navigator view displays as shown in Figure 2-8. EQUATION OF STATE 27 Figure 2-8 3. In the Object column, select stream 1, and in the Variable column, select Molar Volume. Then, click OK button. Figure 2-9 4. Repeat step 3 to insert Temperature. The new updated Databook is shown in Figure 2-10. EQUATION OF STATE 28 Figure 2-10 5. Switch to the Case Studies tab. Complete the tab as shown in the following figure. Figure 2-11 6. Click the View button and complete the page as shown in the Figure 2-12.

From Figure 3-1, double-click on the Pump P-100 icon to open the pump window as shown in Figure 3-2. Figure 3-2: Pump Window Property 2. In the Inlet, scroll down to select Feed and Outlet in the Outlet as shown in Figure 33. PUMP 38 Figure 3-3: Connecting Pump with Streams 3. From Figure 3-3, the warning red message bar at the bottom of the window indicating that we need an energy stream. To create an energy stream for the pump, click to the space in the Energy, and type work. This will create energy stream name work for the pump as shown in Figure 3-4.

On the other hand, when the outlet temperature was given, the pump efficiency can be determined using HYSYS. 13 Further Study If the outlet temperature is 200oC, what is the efficiency of the pump? Chapter 4 Compressor COMPRESSOR 42 COMPRESSOR 43 Compressor This chapter begins with a problem to find the compressor outlet temperature when given the compressor efficiency. The user will operate a compressor operation in HYSYS to model the compressing process. At the end of this chapter, the user will determine the compressor outlet temperature when given compressor efficiency or vice versa.

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