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By Thomas C. Spoor

There are various nice neuro-ophthalmology texts on hand starting from large encyclopedic tomes to small, precise assets. Combining the easiest positive aspects of those books, Atlas of Neuro-ophthalmology bargains a glimpse right into a big choice of infrequent and weird neuro-ophthalmic issues. lengthy well-known as a number one authority at the optic nerve, Tom Spoor distills his years of expertise into this fantastically illustrated atlas.

The publication is a very revised and up-to-date model of Dr. Spoor's unique Atlas of Optic Nerve issues (1992). He addresses all facets of the optic nerve and its disorders-such as optic atrophy, neuropathy, and nerve tumors-making this an important booklet for practitioners and scholars. The inclusion of easy and complex subject matters makes it a fantastic research consultant and the excellent illustrations make it a pragmatic diagnostic software

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You really cannot properly interpret a visual field without examining the patient, and attempts to do so are fraught with error. Those referring physicians who ask you to do so should be asked to refer their patients elsewhere. There is nothing cost-effective about making unnecessary diagnostic and management errors. 57 MRI scans—axial (a) and coronal (b)—demonstrating a not-so-subtle occipital lobe meningioma as the cause of the subtle visual field defects (c). 58 A patient referred with abnormal, non-localizing visual fields caused by choroidal osteomas.

Posterior visual pathways—the optic radiations—extend from the lateral geniculate bodies to the occipital lobes of the brain, passing through the temporal and parietal lobes in the process (Fig. 47). Lesions affecting the visual pathways will cause distinctive, bilateral visual field defects (Fig. 48). Injury to the optic radiations in the temporal lobe result in a distinctive superior quadrantanopia (Fig. 49), since the inferior fibers pass through the temporal lobe as Meyer’s loop (Fig. 47). Injury to the radiations in the parietal lobe results in an inferior quadrantanopia due to injury to the superior fibers of the optic radiations (Fig.

This patient had the misfortune of being referred shortly after that meeting. A 28-year-old lady was referred with a swollen optic nerve and visual loss to counting fingers. Visual field was markedly constricted (Fig. 19a and b). CT scan was normal, as were serologies. No treatment was offered. She returned 1 month later with optic atrophy, and permanently decreased visual acuity and visual field (Fig. 20a and b). Timely corticosteroid therapy may have been sight saving. Patients with atypical optic neuritis should be fully evaluated, followed carefully and treated when the optic neuritis becomes atypical.

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