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Austro-Hungarian produced a chain of bad fighter kinds resembling the Phönix D I and Hansa-Brandenburg D I in the course of the early phases of the struggle, and it was once no longer until eventually licence-built examples of the battle-proven Albatros and D II and D III started to achieve Fliegerkompagnien, or Fliks, in may perhaps 1917 that the fortunes of pilots started to lookup. not like the German-built Albatrosen, which at the beginning suffered wing disasters in flight, the Oeffag airplane have been way more powerful than German D IIs and D IIIs. in addition they displayed more advantageous pace, climb, manoeuvrability and infinitely more secure flight features. Such attributes have been used to the total via all of the major Austro-Hungarian aces, together with Brumowski, Arigi, Kiss and Linke-Crawford, who fought Italian pilots in Hanriots and SPADs, in addition to British pilots in Camels and Bristol opponents. The exploits of Austro-Hungarian aces have been at the start dropped at the eye of English-speaking readers within the Eighties throughout the pioneering paintings of Martin O'Connor. an extra 30 years of extra examine has allowed Paolo Varriale to combine and replace his paintings, rectifying a few inaccuracies and including new info and quite a few unpublished pictures. The cautious crosschecking of Allied assets with Austrian and German files shape the foundation for a close reconstruction of the dogfights fought by means of the major aces. This painstaking learn permits many myths to be uncovered and mistakes to be corrected. The ebook will disguise using Albatros warring parties at the Italian and jap Fronts, from the fighters' preliminary arrival in mid 1917 via to the final days of battle. it's going to additionally chart the careers of the Austro-Hungarian aces that flew the D II and D III, their successes and their defeats, with additional info approximately their own heritage and their post-war lives within the countries born from the cave in of the Hapsburg Empire. a few forty nine pilots accomplished acedom in the course of international warfare 1, and the majority of those pilots made their claims flying the 586 Oeffag-built Albatrosen.

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