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By Christian Choffrut (auth.), C. Choffrut (eds.)

This quantity comprises the court cases of the 14th Spring college of the LITP (Laboratoire d`Informatique Théorique et de Programmation, Université Paris VI-VII, CNRS) held may perhaps 12-16, 1986 in Argelès-Village at the French Catalan coast. This assembly was once geared up by way of C. Choffrut, M. Nivat, F. Robert, P. Sallé and accumulated 100 individuals. The court cases of the final Spring faculties have already been released during this sequence and take care of "Automata on countless phrases" (LNCS 192) and "Combinators and useful Programming Languages" (LNCS 242). the aim of this each year assembly is to give the state-of-the-art in a particular subject which has won substantial adulthood. the sphere selected this 12 months used to be the speculation of automata networks. notwithstanding the content material of this booklet is largely limited to machine technology facets of the subject, illustrations got on the assembly on how the version of mobile automata may be used to unravel difficulties in statistical, fluid and good country mechanics. purposes to biology with progress versions additionally exist.

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