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By David S. Chang, Foster D. Lasley, Indra J. Das, Marc S. Mendonca, Joseph R. Dynlacht (auth.)

This booklet is a concise and well-illustrated overview of the physics and biology of radiation remedy meant for radiation oncology citizens, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, and physicists. It provides issues which are incorporated at the Radiation remedy Physics and Biology examinations and is designed with the cause of providing details in an simply digestible layout with greatest retention in brain. The inclusion of mnemonics, principles of thumb, and reader-friendly illustrations in the course of the ebook aid to make tough recommendations more uncomplicated to understand. Basic Radiotherapy Physics and Biology is a beneficial reference for college students and potential scholars in each self-discipline of radiation oncology.

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Interactions between a charged particle and the nucleus can result in various nuclear reactions (see Chapt. 2), causing some secondary particles and residual radioactivity.

Elastic collision with nucleus: ° Since the electron is so much lighter than the nucleus it does not really transfer energy to the nucleus. ° Therefore it merely bounces off (scatters), changing direction without transferring energy (Fig. 5). • Electron scatter and dose shape ° Because electrons scatter so easily, if you look at billions of electrons in an electron beam, each one will follow a unique path through the medium. ° This is responsible for many of the characteristics of electron beam shapes in the clinic.

Microwaves ! infrared ! rainbow colors, light ! UV rays ! x-rays, gamma rays and Cosmic rays. 2 nm wavelength and smaller). ° X-rays are >124 eV (around 10 nm) and therefore well above the energy threshold to cause ionizations. ° By definition, X-rays come from electron interactions, γ-rays come from the nucleus (like the difference between electrons and beta particles). ° They can have the same energies but are named based on their origin. • As a side-note, UV radiation can still cause chemical reactions by exciting valence electrons, altering chemical bonds without actually ionizing.

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