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By Dave Astle, Kevin Hawkins

Beginning OpenGL online game Programming presents new online game programmers with a whole advent to 3D online game programming utilizing OpenGL. the entire easy parts of OpenGL because it applies to online game improvement are coated. you'll methods to observe those components to video games. the cloth is designed to be thoroughly obtainable to newbies, with whole yet concise insurance to make sure the top value.
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In fact, you need to set up the device context first and then create the rendering context with a matching pixel format. We’ll get into the details of this shortly. You can actually create multiple rendering contexts for a single application. This is useful for applications such as 3D modelers, where you have multiple windows or viewports, and each needs to keep track of its settings independently. You could also use it to have one rendering context manage your primary display while another manages user interface components.

OpenGL provides the programmer with an interface to graphics hardware. It is a powerful, low-level rendering library, available on all major platforms, with wide hardware support. It is designed for use in any graphics application, from games to modeling to CAD. Many games, such as id Software’s Doom 3, use OpenGL for their core graphics-rendering engine. 2 A more advanced game architectural design. TLFeBOOK What Is OpenGL? 7 OpenGL intentionally provides only low-level rendering routines, allowing the programmer a great deal of control and flexibility.

Second, this class is very simple to use. It includes methods to initialize your OpenGL code (Init()), shut down your OpenGL code (Shutdown()), set up the projection matrix for the window (SetupProjection()), perform any data-specific updates for a frame (Prepare()), and render your scenes (Render()). We will expand on this class throughout the book, depending on the needs of our applications. 0f); glEnd(); } As you can see, we’ve put all the OpenGL-specific code in this class. The Init() method uses the glClearColor() function to set the background color to black (0,0,0) and initialize the member variable m_angle, which is used in the Render() method by glRotatef() to TLFeBOOK 30 Chapter 2 ■ Creating a Simple OpenGL Application perform rotations.

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