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By David N Spires; United States. Air Force Space Command.; Air University (U.S.). Press.; et al

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The scrapping of the Nimrod software has been probably the most arguable occasions within the army aviation international for plenty of a yr. for many of its operational lifestyles, from 1969 to this point, its contribution to the safety of the area and its position in offensive tasks used to be, of necessity, frequently shrouded in secrecy.

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Nevertheless, initial prospects for achieving Arnold's goals appeared bright when he selected as his first Deputy Chief of Staff for Research and Development the hard-driving combat veteran, Major General Curtis E . LeMay" In November 1945, General Arnold became the first prominent military figure to address future warfare in terms of missile and satellite potential . In a report to Secretary of War Robert Patterson on 12 November, the air chief described the future importance of missiles and satellites as a means of preventing another Pearl Harbor-like surprise attack on the United States, and he outlined his vision for the nation's air arm .

By the end of 1948, the Navy had "suspended" its satellite work . The Army, meanwhile, would not reenter the satellite arena until its Redstone rocket team proposed Project Orbiter in 1954. This left the Air Force alone on the satellite field, such as it was . " Rand's research and study subcontracts would be subject to AMC's approval and the availability of funds . The key question involved utility. Rand's 1947 study had shown the serious complications associated with designing a recoverable space vehicle .

In midDecember 1945 von Karman's team produced the remarkable 33-volume report, Toward New Horizons. The first volume, "Science : The Key to Air Supremacy," set the tone by declaring that the Air Force should establish its policy, create new organizational alignments, and lay the "foundation of organized research" so that science would become an integral part of the Air Force. Von Karman proceeded to discuss many specific means for providing technological training for service personnel and adequate research and development facilities, for disseminating scientific ideas at the staff and field levels, and promoting cooperation between the Air Force and science and industry.

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