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РАРИТЕТ, ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ С благоговейным трепетом предлагаю вам в продолжение серии Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from Western Europe Подборка средневековых манускриптов эпохи Возрождения библейскую историю "в картинках ". В руках нам не придется подержать такую книжку, так хоть краем глаза на нее взглянуть.

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There he would have encountered another religious group, the Sabians, who had a scripture that they called the Book of Seth. Their religious rites included daily prayer at seven fixed times, with worshippers bowing and prostrating themselves. Five of these times correspond to Muslim prayer times. They also observed a thirty-day fast from dawn to dusk and a fitr (breaking the fast at the end of the month). ’ Strong and well-organised Jewish communities existed around the big oases of North Arabia such as Khaybar and Yathrib (present-day Medina).

Under ‘Umar, Islam expanded rapidly by way of conquests. He captured Damascus with little resistance in 635. There he divided the churches equally between Christians and Muslims, and arranged for one half of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to be used as a mosque, while the other half remained a church. This arrangement continued for about eighty years until the whole building was converted into the mosque that is now known as the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. ‘Umar defeated the Byzantines at Yarmuk in 636 and took over all of Syria and Palestine.

Of all the pillars of faith, this alone is absolutely essential. The Kalima is whispered into the ear of a newborn baby and into the ear of a dying Muslim. It should be the first thing one hears upon entering the world and the last thing one hears before leaving the world to meet one’s creator. Salat/Namaz (Prayer) Salat, or prayer, is obligatory for everyone over the age of twelve and of sound mind. 114). 238). This change was possibly influenced by the Jews, who prayed three times a day. Eventually Muslims adopted five daily times of prayer, each announced by a muezzin who issues the adhan or ‘call to prayer’.

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