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By Robert Lanza, Bob Berman

From time to time, an easy but radical suggestion shakes the very foundations of data. The startling discovery that the realm was once no longer flat challenged and eventually replaced the way in which humans perceived themselves and their relationships with the realm. for many people of the fifteenth century, the proposal of Earth as ball of rock was once nonsense. the total of Western ordinary philosophy is present process a sea switch back, compelled upon us by means of the experimental findings of quantum concept. while, those findings have elevated our doubt and uncertainty approximately conventional actual motives of the universe's genesis and constitution.
Biocentrism completes this shift in worldview, turning the planet the other way up back with the progressive view that existence creates the universe rather than the opposite direction round. during this new paradigm, lifestyles isn't just an unintentional byproduct of the legislation of physics.
Biocentrism takes the reader on a probably unbelievable yet finally inescapable trip via a international universe--our own--from the viewpoints of an acclaimed biologist and a number one astronomer. Switching standpoint from physics to biology unlocks the cages within which Western technology has unwittingly controlled to restrict itself. Biocentrism shatters the reader's rules of lifestyles, time and house, or even loss of life. while, it releases us from the boring worldview that lifestyles is purely the job of an admixture of carbon and some different components; it indicates the exhilarating hazard that existence is essentially immortal.
Biocentrism awakens in readers a brand new feel of chance and is stuffed with such a lot of surprising new views that the reader won't ever see fact an identical method back.

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The atoms in your fingers are each as empty as a vacant football stadium in which a single fly sits on the fifty-yard line. If we needed solids to stop us (rather than energy fields), our fingers could easily penetrate the tree as if we were swiping at fog. Consider an even more intuitive example—rainbows. The sudden appearance of those prismatic colors juxtaposed between mountains can take our breath away. But the truth is we are absolutely necessary for the rainbow’s existence. When nobody’s there, there simply is no rainbow.

Language and custom say that it all lies outside us in the external world. Yet we’ve already seen that nothing can be perceived that is not already interacting with our consciousness, which is why biocentric axiom number one is that nature or the so-called external world must be correlative with consciousness. One doesn’t exist without the other. What this means is that when we do not look at the Moon the Moon effectively vanishes—which, subjectively, is obvious enough. If we still think of the Moon and believe that it’s out there orbiting the Earth, or accept that other people are probably watching it, all such thoughts are still mental constructs.

Little by little, her mind began to deteriorate. Her speech made less and less sense, and her actions took on a more bizarre quality. I had seen enough of medicine then to have gained the capacity to stand beside myself, aloof from the consequences of disease, but it was a matter of some emotion to me, even then, to see her child taken away. I have a deep remembrance of her in the hospital, utterly without hope, restrained and sedated with drugs. As I went away from the hospital that day, I mingled my memories of her with tears.

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