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Published via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

A overall of eighty four nominal species of lanternfishes (Myctophidae) take place within the southern hemisphere south of 30°S. The distributions of those species were analyzed on the subject of the hydrology of the realm. Antarctic/ Antarctic polar entrance, subantarctic, transitional water, and hot water lanternfish complexes, every one reflecting a trend of distribution linked to significant hydrographic phenomena, were outlined and mentioned. it really is concluded that platforms of oceanic circulate, in addition to vertical distribution and inherited tolerances of those fishes to environmental variables, are vital in deciding on their distribution. Endemic genera were proven to take place in Antarctic-subantarctic, southern transitional, chilly north Pacific, and hot water areas of the area Ocean. A attention of paleontological and paleoceanographic literature ends up in the speculation that stipulations conducive to the evolution of those genera existed within the Oligocene period, the relations attaining its current point of usual differentiation through the Miocene period. it's endorsed that fresh lanternfish complexes advanced from early Tertiary faunas in the course of the marked climatic and oceanographic fluctuations of the Pliocene and Pleistocene eras.


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Myctophum antarcticum and Waite, of the PO 5 cludes at least one individual of another species; the elevated AO photophores evident in his Figure 82c implicates Regan, 1913, p. 234 (near E. paucirastra or Metelectrona. Although Norman [1930] and Andriashev [1962] have Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Biogeography of Lanternfishes (Myctophidae) South of 30°S Vol. 35 22 'i Fig. 14. Distribution of Electrona subaspera. Small dot indicates indi- viduals less than 40 mmlong, and large dot indicates individuals larger than 39 mm long.

Distribution of Lampanyctusniger-ater complex south of 30øS (large dot) and of Lampanyctusiselinoides (small dot). in the across [Bolin, western Atlantic Di scover•. data]. , 1969; Becker, 1967; at depths less two species as defined by Nafpaktitis titis and Nafpak- [1969]. Ceratoscopeluswarmin,i_ (LHtken, 1892) has often Fig. been col- 29 than 100 m. Lampanyctustownsendi McCulloch, 1923, p. 327 The genus Ceratoscopelusis closely related to Lepidophanes[Paxton, 1972]. C. townsendi, closely related in the eastern north Pacific an---d C.

Lam- Lampanyctusachirus is a deep-living South America, from as far north where it as 8øS off Systematic notes. [Bussing, 1965]. The northern limits Peruvian of distribution of L. A coast rus correspondto the region of the subtropical but fish distinguished from the related L. sp. A by the characters listed under the latter species. has been reported the species. It was captured many times by the Eltanin, only four times in trawls which did not deeper than 400 m. pan•ctus achirus is knownfrom north of 30ø only near Vol.

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