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By Yvan Touitou, Erhard Haus

Everyone has heard of nature's "biological clocks", the phenomenon of periodic task in crops, animals and people. yet what does chronobiology need to do with smooth medication?
This ebook offers in a concise yet complete type the fundamental rules of chronobiology and their program to medical medication.
The chapters are written by way of experts within the box; they summarize the body structure, pathophysiology and pathology of the human time constitution and description the appliance of chronobiologic rules and strategies for prognosis and treatment.

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Circaseptan and infradian rhythms of similar or related frequencies have been described in immunology for the development of humoral (Romball and Weigle 1973; Weigle 1975) and for cellular immunity (Barrett and Hansen 1957; Denham et al. 1970). The periods of these immunologic rhythms vary in the infradian range between 5 and 14 days. Most frequently, however, approximately 7- to 8-day periods are found. Also the cyclic variations in immune response do not depend upon the calendar week but take their apparent "origin" from the time of the introduction of the antigen which is also manifest in experimental (Levi et al.

On adrenal periodicity), Nicolau and Haus (on thyroid periodicity), and Blomquist and Holt (on gonadal axis periodicity). Principles of Clinical Chronobiology Infradian Rhythms Circaseptan Rhythms Rhythms of about 7-day duration (circaseptan) are widespread in nature and are found in unicellulars (Schweiger et al. 1986; Cornelissen et al. 1986), in insects (Hayes et al. 1985; Marques et al. 1987), in rodents (Uezono et al. 1987; Sanchez de la Pena et al. 1984) as well as in human subjects (Halberg et al.

1987). Pineal melatonin may playa role in the translation of environmental changes in lighting to circadian rhythmicity. Although an endogenous circadian pineal rhythm can be demonstrated, melatonin production is strongly and predominantly masked negatively by natural or by bright artificial light (Lewy et al. 1980). By measuring the onset of melatonin production during bedrest under dim light conditions, Lewy and Sack (1989) reported being able to assess the true circadian phase position of this endogenous rhythm and to obtain phase information on related rhythms of an individual's circadian system.

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