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Transplantation may be autologous (the patient’s own marrow saved earlier), allogeneic (marrow from someone else) or syngeneic (marrow from an identical twin). bone meal animal bones that were steamed under pressure and then ground. 5 percent nitrogen, 12 to 15 percent phosphorus, and 20 to 34 percent calcium. It is used as a fertiliser and as a mineral supplement for feeding farm animals. ’ Its stated aim is the ‘conservation of endangered and threatened species which undergo cyclic and predictable migration across one or more national boundaries’.

Brain stem tumour an abnormal growth on the back of the head where the spinal cord joins the brain. bran the seed coat of wheat and other cereal grains which is separated from flour and used as animal food. brca1 and brca2 (breast cancer genes 1 and 2) two genes that normally help to restrain cell growth, but which can contain certain genetic mutations associated with the development of breast and ovarian cancer. Note, however, that inherited BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations are thought to account for less than 10 percent of all breast and ovarian cancers.

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) the amount of oxygen used for growth by organisms in water that contains organic matter. biological response modifier a substance that can improve the body’s natural immune response to disease. Cytokine therapy is a form of biological response modifier therapy. biological therapy treatment to stimulate or restore the ability of the patient’s immune system to fight infection and disease. Also called immunotherapy or biological response modifier (BRM) therapy. biolistic device a device that shoots microscopic DNA-coated particles into target cells.

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