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At middle, virtually each home-owner would really like to have a greater lawn—greener, denser, fitter. This publication is an updated, environmentally liable method of garden care with mainstream attraction. It makes a speciality of dozens of universal garden difficulties, delivering specific recommendations to every one. a great reference for busy householders who wish larger grass fast and easily.

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Contact your local extension service for recommendations on the best kinds and quantities of organic matter to add to your clay or sand soils. 30 • THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO A BETTER LAWN mail-in tests. But if you have doubts about the health of your soil or have detected multiple problems in the lawn, a mail-in test kit is probably the way to go. You can find mail-in kits online, or get them through your local cooperative extension office. The Cooperative Extension System (now called the National Institute for Food and Agriculture) is a federal government agency with a network of regional branch offices throughout every state in the nation.

A thick layer of thatch will essentially starve the grass roots and dry out the soil. It also provides an excellent breeding ground for unwanted insects and disease. In other words, a thick layer of thatch is a gateway for trouble . Thatch buildup itself can be a symptom of other problems. Normally, the organic material that comprises thatch is food for beneficial microorganisms and desirable soil life such as earthworms, which keep it from collecting in mass. Excess thatch is a sign that those organisms are not on the job, which can mean that something, such as an excessive application of fertilizer, has killed them off.

Mail-in kits provide more accurate and more comprehensive information, including levels of soluble salts in the soil and percentages of micronutrients. Some even provide recommendations for correcting soil imbalances. You'll wait a few weeks for the results and you'll have to spend a little bit more money for Jar Test ~ You can tell what texture soil you're working with by conducting a jar test. Fill a quart jar two-thirds full with water. Gradually add to the jar a soil sample from the desired planting area.

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