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Botilinum toxin is used often by means of physiatrists for the therapy of sufferers with migraines, tics, spasms, dystonia, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and discomfort. Botulinum Toxin Injection consultant by means of Ib R. Odderson, MD, PhD, is the 1st accomplished guide that covers botulinum toxin injections for neurologic stipulations and their wide selection of useful functions.

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0. Revised August 2005. MDVU. MD Virtual University. We Move. BTX-B Adult Dosing Guidelines. 0. Botulinum Toxin Type B (Myobloc). html. 05. 06. 68 Spasticity/Dystonia: lower extremities Adducted Thigh Dosing Ranges Botox (BTX-A) units1 Myobloc (BTX-B) units2 Injection sites per muscle Adductor longus/ brevis/magnus 200/leg 75–300 5,000–10,000 2–6/leg Iliopsoas 100 50–200* 3,000–7,500 2–3 Dilution 100 U/4 cc Dilutions, see page xxvii EMG Needle 25 G, 50 mm Pediatric dosing see page 89. 1 Injection Technique Adductor longus/brevis/ magnus Medial approach to the midbelly of the muscle located one-third of the distance from the pubic bone to the knee.

5–25/ muscle group 250–500 1 Dilution 100 U/4 cc Dilutions, see page xxvii EMG needle 27 G, 37 mm Injection Technique Adductor pollicis Midbelly over the middle of the second ­metacarpal bone. Abductor digiti minimi Midbelly at the midpoint of the fifth ­metacarpal bone on the palmar side. Opponens pollicis Midbelly of the muscle over the midpoint of the first metacarpal bone. Dorsal interosseus Midbelly of muscles at the midpoint of the metacarpals. 6 ml 2,500 U Starting Dose <50% of max. MDVU.

Html. 05. 06. Equinovarus Foot 2/3 77 Muscles possibly involved Equinovarus Foot 2/3 Soleus Gastrocnemius Flexor digitorum longus Tibialis posterior Tibialis anterior Flexor digitorum brevis Flexor hallucis longus Tibialis anterior Tibialis anterior Tibia Anterior tibial artery and vein Ext. digitorum longus Peroneus longus Tibialis posterior Fibula Soleus Peroneal artery Gastrocnemius lateral head Gastrocnemius medial head Tibial nerve Posterior tibial artery and vein 78 Spasticity/Dystonia: lower extremities Equinovarus Foot 3/3 Dosing Ranges Myobloc (BTX-B) units2 Botox (BTX-A) units1 Injection sites per muscle Flexor digitorum brevis 25 20–40 2,500–5,000 1–2 Flexor hallucis longus 50 25–75 1,500–3,500 1–2 Dilution 100 U/4 cc Dilutions, see page xxvii Needle 25 G, 50 mm Guidance EMG/E–stim/U/S/fluoro Pediatric dosing see page 89.

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