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Scripps Institution of Oceanography Oregon State University Visco-Elastic Effects on Processes at the Ocean Surface Leading research groups include those at: ORINCON, Inc. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Naval Research Laboratory University of Hamburg (Germany) Case Western Reserve University Monitoring and Modeling of Ocean Waves on a Regional and Global Basis Leading modeling investigators include: Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (Hamburg, Germany) Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University Institute for Space Research (Russia) Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics (Ukraine) Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of Massachusetts University of New South Wales (Australia) Canada Centre for Inland Waters Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute Interactions Between Waves and Currents Experimental Approach Leading experimental investigators include those at: University of Miami Forschungszentrum fur Marine Geowissenschaften der Universitat Kiel (GEOMAR; Germany) Scripps Institution of Oceanography Copyright © National Academy of Sciences.

Both passive and active acoustic techniques are of direct interest for boundary layer studies. , slicks) can affect noise and scattering. Near the surface the scatterers are the bubbles entrained by breaking waves. The distribution of bubbles near the surface is of interest in its own right, and bubble characteristics can be measured by both active and passive means. Due to bubble resonances, the scattering cross section of bubbles is a strong function of bubble size. Thus bubble size distributions can be measured by scattering.

NRL-S is already involved in one of the few programs that is exploring this relationship. NRL has hardware capability and experience and could leverage these advantages with additional resources to pursue a true leadership role in passive millimeter and microwave sensing. NRL also has sensor development and data collection activities that need to be complemented by research and exploratory development related to improving sensor performance, and to the physics of potential signature phenomena on the ocean surface, such as that owing to ships, oil slicks, and the like.

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