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G. Smith & Smith 1984). Ashmore (1991a) has documented periodic changes in braiding index due to periodic changes in sediment supply while discharge, slope and bedload size remained constant. Also, Hoey & Sutherland (1991) associate increase in braiding index with periodic aggradation (sediment storage in bars), and vice versa during degradation. Empirical approaches using other parameters Japanese empirical approaches to the hydraulic controls on the mode of alternate bars and braids 25 are summarized by Hayashi & Ozaki (1980), Fukuoka (1989), and Fujita (1989).

7-28 and 7-29). Hayashi & Ozaki's (1980) braiding criterion, 2(wS/d) 1/2 ~ Fr, does agree with Calamus River data. It can be reformulated as S = O2/4gd2w3. The theoretical analyses of Engelund & Skovgaard (1973), Fredsoe (1978) and Fukuoka (1989) all indicate that the major control on braiding is w/d (being > 5 0 for braiding to occur), with 0 or (0/0c) having a minor effect. 0 is dimensionless bed shear stress, and 0c is the value of 0 at the threshold of bedload movement. e. flow resistance coefficient) also has a minor effect, and in Fukuoka's analysis slope has a minor effect (Table 4).

However, the heights of alternate bars with avalanche faces and point bars evolved from them will be comparable. As confluence angles and relative discharges will change with flow stage, the orientation and geometry of the scour zone will also change (Ashmore & Parker 1983; Bergeron & Roy 1988, Ashmore this volume). The confluence angle may be larger at low flow stages relative to high flow stages, and the position of the confluence may be further upstream (Figs 7 and 9). Thus, at high flow stages deposition may occur in the upstream end of the low-flow scour zone, GEOMETRY, WATER FLOW, TRANSPORT & DEPOSITION whereas at low flow stages these high stage deposits are eroded and deposited downstream in the high stage scour zone.

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