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By A. R. S. Bramwell, George Taylor Sutton Done, David Balmford

Because the unique ebook of 'Bramwell's Helicopter Dynamics' in 1976, this ebook has develop into the definitive textual content on helicopter dynamics and a basic a part of the learn of the behaviour of helicopters.

This new version builds at the strengths of the unique and for that reason the strategy of the 1st version is retained. The authors supply a accomplished evaluation of helicopter aerodynamics, balance, keep watch over, structural dynamics, vibration, aeroelastic and aeromechanical balance. As such, Bramwell's Helicopter Dynamics is vital for all these in aeronautical engineering.

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18. e. when there is no flapping or lagging, the blade axes coincide with the hub axes. Now, suppose the blade flaps through angle β about e2, bringing the blade axes into a position whose unit vectors are i1, j1, k1. 24) The blade now rotates about the lag axis through angle ξ, bringing the unit vectors of the blade into their final positions i, j, k. 25 together Ω e3 e2 j i k ψ Fig. 26) The above relationships enable us to express quantities measured in one set of axes in terms of another set, and we shall need them for calculating the forces and moments on the helicopter.

In some later work we will have to distinguish flapping relative to the shaft from that relative to the no-feathering axis by writing βs = a0s + a1s cos ψ. 20a) and we have to consider the meaning of the moment N in this case. Since the blade lift is perpendicular to the flow direction, the axis of the aerodynamic flapping moment must lie in the tip path plane, because this is the plane in which the blades move steadily. Thus there must be a component of the flapping moment about the lag hinge, and it is clear from Fig.

13. This consists of two plates, of which the lower plate does not rotate with the shaft but can be tilted in any direction by the pilot’s cyclic control. The upper plate rotates with the shaft but is constrained to remain parallel to the lower plate. It can be seen that if the swash plates are tilted the blade chord remains parallel to the swash plate and, as the blade rotates with the shaft, cyclic feathering takes place relative to To pilot’s control Fig. 13 Swash plate mechanism To pilot’s control 18 Bramwell’s Helicopter Dynamics the plane perpendicular to the shaft.

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